Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sports Screen Prints

I have completed an order for 12 floor pillows (26x26). I have designed and screen printed all 12 pillows. There are two of each sport. They are made of Duck Cotton so they are going to be very durable and hold up to kids sitting on them and playing with them. They are for a clients playroom floor. Now that the screen printing is finished they are going to get sewn up and all of them will have white piping around them. Some will also have some thick, white ric-rac ribbon added as a border as well. These sports themes are based on the sports that her three children participate in. Come back soon to see the completed products.

My New Desk

I was so lucky to pick this desk up at a garage sale this past weekend. It's beautiful, but I'm not too sure as to how I should decorate it. Any suggestions, or should I just leave it as is?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Furniture Make Over

Last summer I bought this side table at an estate sale with the intention of redoing it. Time got away from me, but I eventually managed to finish it. I sanded the piece down, primed and painted it white. I then distressed it before adding an antique glaze to it. I absolutely love how it's turned out and it has inspired me to move on to redo our bedside tables.

Take a look at the before and after pictures:


I absolutely love a nice ice cold fruppachino, but with the prices at Starbucks around $4 to $5 each, I don't get that treat as often. I remember reading in blog land a while back a trick to make your own. Freeze in ice cube trays your left over coffee in the mornings. This way when you make your own fruppachino you can use frozen coffee instead of ice cubes to make it less watery. Yummy!!
The latest Good Housekeeping magazine also mentions this tip. To fill you in on a secret, Target sell these packets of Fruppachino mixes, that when added to your cold coffee and now coffee ice cubes too make the most yummy fruppachino at a fraction of the Starbucks cost. (Look for them in the coffee section at Target - Archer Farms brand)

Mission Organization

The above photo is the after. Doesn't it look so much better?
Below you can see the disorganized before.

Well this past week I got a bee in my bonnet and decided that I absolutely had to re-organize my pantry! It had gotten to such a bad state that I had no idea of what I actually did and did not have anymore. I started by doing a bit of planning and deciding how I wanted it to look and function. I went off to Target and purchased some cheap, white plastic baskets. I then grouped like things together. For example one basket contains all pastas and rice and another all my baking goodies etc.

I'm loving the easy organization. What have you organized lately?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Royalty in the Kitchen

Seriously, the closest I am going to get to the upcoming Royal wedding in April is watching it on tv, if time allows! Don't know about anywhere else in the world, but America is obsessed with every detail of the wedding, including having plenty to say about the sneakers Prince William wore today to have lunch with Kate. Come on people, I'm sure there are far more news worthy items than his sneakers. My son did catch that news snippet and piped up that he'd never be caught wearing sneakers like that!!

Anyway, I digress. Why not feel like a royal while doing dishes? Ok, royals never do dishes, but just pretend they do. Spruce up your kitchen with these royal dish towels which have a red crown screen printed onto the bottom of them. I only have 3 of them and they sell for $2 each, so let me know if you might like to purchase any or all of them.